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How to prepare a child to participate in the New Year's morning

New Year - Transfiguration and Magic Time. In front of the surprised baby, adults bring a frozen, barbed christmas tree, which, exhausting, fills the house with a tart of needles. Wave over the walls of brilliant tinsel and colorful garland light bulbs. Mysteriously gripped and promise that Santa Claus will come soon and bring gifts. And what is this an old man that violated the usual order and reassured all the households?

If the baby is only two or three years old, and he does not know anything about New Year's traditions, it needs to be prepared to participate in the holiday gradually, for several months. Tell the fairy tale about the Grandfather Frost, his horses or deer. Watch your grandmother's old greeting cards with the image of a ruddy old man, look at a short cartoon. Moreover, we are better than our 50-60 years, with carefully drawn characters and a textbook frost in a long-standing fur coat and with the staff. Together with the crumb, describe it in detail: a white beard, a big bag behind the shoulders, a thick bass. Play the telephone conversation and talk "Voice of Santa Claus", listen to the songs about the magical winter holiday.

An older child can tell the story of New Year's traditions, to propose to find differences between the Russian Santa Moroz and American Santa Claus. Ask, whether he wants to participate in a costume carnival or matinee, and what character dreams of becoming. Do not forget that the matinee is not a competition in the thickness of the wallet and not the day to satisfy parental ambitions.

Two-year-old karapuzu should be told (and the five-year-old Rourant - remind) that Santa Claus really like to listen to poems and songs. Emotionally and expressively tell us a few short quitty of winter, christmas tree, christmas. Offer to learn them. Children are easier to memorize poems that are accompanied by gestures or cause a bright associative communication. Crouching the lines, along with the kid, show how the bunny jumped, what a big church rose, etc. Do not turn the preparation in Mashter. Even if the child flawlessly leaves the text, it can distract it or scare the attention of strangers, bright artists makeup, loud music from the speakers.

Sowing a son or daughter a fabulous character costume, make sure that the chad is comfortable, gum and ribbons are not pressed, all the details are firmly held in their places.

At the age of 2.5 - 3 years, children are very direct: one is ready for everything to attract attention and does not want to give up the scene, another timidly shifts from foot to the leg, left alone with a bearded old man, and the third is too violently and emotionally perceives what is happening. As a result, all three are loudly roar ... Do not scold for the forgotten rhyme, accidentally spoiled costume, whims - the baby is tired of impressions and is experiencing the strongest stress. If your heir is "home", you can watch the children's show with it from the auditorium, invite artists to the house. Remember, with what a thrill you were waiting for December and transfer this mood to your beloved Tutor along with fairy tale and miracles. Официальный сайт Cat Casino