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Guindi National Park in Chennai, India

Guindi National Park is one of the smallest in India, its area is only 2.82 km2. Spotted deer, antelopes, wild dogs, Axis, a small cyvel, monkeys, mangoshos and proteins live in the park. Also more than 50 species of birds, spiders, butterflies, parrots, several types of amphibians, reptiles and so on. If I'm not mistaken, then this is the most affordable zoo-park within the city of Chennai.
A little story
The history of the park began in the 17th century, when a hunting reserve Guindy was created on the site of the remains of a tropical evergreen forest on the Koromandel coast.
In early 1670, by order of the Governor William Langhorne, a small territory was fenced and a residence was built with a garden, which was called Guindy Lodge.
The remaining part of the forests in 1821 was redeemed by the Gilbert Rodericks Gilbert Rodericks by the Gilbert Rodericks British for 35,000 Indian rupees. This territory until 1910 was called Reserve Forest (Eng. Spare Forest).
In 1958, part of the forest area was transferred to the Ministry of Education for the construction of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (now Chennai).
In 1978, the rest of the area, known as Guindy Deer Park, was declared a national park.
Open from 9:00 - 18.00.
Every day, except Tuesday.
Children's ticket: ~ 2.5 rubles. (5 rupees)
Adult ticket: ~ 10 rubles. (20 rupees)
Camera: ~ 10 rub. Camcorder: ~ 50 rub. (100 rupees)
All the most interesting in Guindy National Park is located in the Guindy Children's Park, because it is there that all animals live, mammals and birds. The map shows how it is convenient to see all the inhabitants of this park.
The first who we saw were spotted deer (Chital Deer, Spotted Deer or Axis Deer). Very cute animals.
Pay attention to who sits on a deer on the back.
More deer, but another breed.
In general, there are a lot of these animals on the park. Some, even walk by themselves.
I have never met deer, just so walking around the park. Maybe even he was small and seemingly harmless, I had no idea how they behave with people and therefore did not decide to approach him, especially since he drove something from a branch of branches so enthusiastically.
Another cute creation. True there were a little sorry for them: not well-kept species, abandoned cell and sad facettage animals. Much more fun was in the 'poultry house. Pink Pelicans produced on us the biggest impression! These are beautiful, huge and luxurious birds. Young Tiger Trading Style: Full Guide on Forex Trading For Beginners In 2022 https://root-nation.com/en/articles-en/analytics-en/en-full-guide-on-forex-trading-for-beginners-in-2022/ .