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Should you play at a casino at all? Real stories of losses of online casino punters. Part2

Should you play at a casino at all? Real stories of losses of online casino punters. Part2

Is it worth playing at a casino at all? Real stories of losses of online casino punters.fastpay casino login Part2 Real stories of losses of online casino punters. Part 1 I find stories in the comments on YouTube or online casino forums, I think it will be useful for those who want to try to start playing in a casino. Here you can read real stories from the life of gambling addicts - how they all began, how they came to the casino and what their online casino game led to (how they could not stop). Ruslan Yunusov Hello everyone, I'll start with the fact that I started playing with ordinary machines for little things at the age of 20, then I started to bet on sports and online casino everything was as usual, wins and losses, but then the moment came when I began to go into negative territory. ... As a result, I lost all the money that my parents sent for my studies 620k and took out more debts at interest, 4 credits, all my acquaintances should still have little things to do, even I can’t give it back %s... As a result, in the spring I lost 910k rubles, at the age of 20 I was deeply in debt, I lost all my friends, everyone turned their backs on me, I was expelled from my studies. I was in my 3rd year, my parents still don’t know. There is no desire to move on. I want to tell you guys, think before it’s too late, no matter how trite it sounds, do not repeat my mistakes and more mistakes of thousands of people who have unsubscribed here. Good luck. Alexey Serov Hello everyone, my name is Alexey and this is my story…. It all started two months ago when a workmate advised me to watch a video on YouTube called"The Dealer's Job". The essence of the clip is that it is just that the video cameras are recorded as punters in the casino communicate with the croupier ...fast pay casino I looked and forgot ... and with each entrance to YouTube videos appeared with the name of a big win in an online casino, well, I started looking at a few %s.. and most often Vitus was on the video ? without any envy he was very happy about his victories and excuses ... I don’t know why, but the video with him inspired me ... I’m not 15 years old and I understood perfectly well that starting to play it would be difficult .. well, in the end everything like everyone, first 1000r and then another)) and two months ago I entered the game)) a month later, in one night, I raised 1 million from a deposit of 5000t, I sat looking at the balance and was shocked, even logged into my account)) I gave up the money The former gave him 3 credits in the amount of 750t to his wife and child and sighed calmly because he paid 45t loans every month at a salary of 30 ... I had one loan per 100t and that's when it all started the confidence that I’ll raise 100t in one day credit and finish playing ... The result for today is 4 loans in Sberbank with delays in payments, 1 loan in the MCB and a credit card, an acquaintance took a loan for me in the same Sberbank and my wife took two loans and just think about 25 open loans in micro loans ... ... I wanted to give 100 tons and now, in the end, I owe 1 million to the one that was so nice to see on my account at the very beginning of the journey))) I want to tell everyone who just wants to start playing ... DON'T DO THIS !!! Well, knowing our people, everyone has their own opinion and it's useless to say))) just by starting, be prepared for possible big problems, God forbid, of course! Vitus, thank you separately. I watch your streams, you inspire me! Despite the debts, I continue to play because there is no other way out to pay these debts! Thank you for your attention and I apologize for the mistakes in the text in Russian 2 was))) Good luck to everyone! Seozar xxx Began to play, so to speak, since the days of poker machines (such machines, in which you had to punch a barrel if you distribute a pair, kare, street ..., I saw them for the first time probably back in 1992). Especially not perly, and did not play much. Then, in 2006, he worked in a casino as a croupier - and fucked up, got hooked on roulette, began to play tightly at roulette %s... Fuck what started ... I've lost everything I can and can't. In a thirst to excuse myself (by that time I no longer worked in a casino), I began to play roulette in a real casino. I got into debt, got into loans, I lost all the children's money (child support) ... On this topic"Silent disease" - the story of a journalist suffering from gambling addiction To understand how deeply I"dived" - I walked for half a year and fired cigarettes, because there was no money even for travel. In general, after such a defeat, I quit and for many years do not play in the casino, I also quit drinking (for the fifth year, not even a gram of beer) I quit smoking, for several weeks already without cigarettes. Something like this) The brightest case in my memory is when I needed to give people a salary, and in the morning I drove to the roulette wheel, fuck, fucked up my money, I came and took people's money (after a few hours I had to pay the salary), I fly back to this hall, I load the roulette and the bitch fucks everything - it's fucked up ... .. By some miracle, I managed to borrow money from a person and give people their salaries on time. 05rus Pubg Hello everyone ... I don’t remember when I started playing, but I started a long time ago, still at a minor age, about 16 years old when I was, now I’m 28 years old, that is, it turns out 12 years ago somewhere I lost money for the first time when my parents gave 5 t %s.r., buy a phone, well, off we go. Almost at the age of 18 he left for Moscow, got a job in a network of pokies, for 3 years with different frequency he lost all the money he received, while of course I had to hide from my family that I was playing, but I think they guessed it. It got a couple of times to the point that he was ready to do anything just to get the money back, as he took a hammer, a pneumatic pistol and went out into the streets of Moscow at night to rob someone, but it was a pity for all the passers-by and fate took away. For some time I stopped playing, maybe 3-4 months, then everything resumed, played at high stakes, lost 100 thousand per session, somehow I won more than 250 thousand, but then I safely put in 5 times more. The longest period without a game was when I was in the army. After the army, I haven't played for a year, but literally 3-4 years ago, I started again, during this time I lost more than 10 million rubles, I have my own business, but I lose all the money, poker, bingo boom, stoloto, betting in the bookmaker's. I earn more than 200 %s.000 rubles a month, but I lose everything, debts about 3 million rubles, an apartment in a mortgage, 3 credits, I sold the car from friends, I have moved away from my friends, I can’t talk to anyone, I confess too, I feel like a goner, I wanted to commit suicide , but thoughts about my mother, who is already sick and will hardly take it and about the child stopped me. But even after that I continue to play, everything that comes to the card I successfully pass in an online casino, a couple of times I was lucky in fortune not long ago, raised about 15k bucks, but did not withdraw it and successfully planted everything. Wouldn't gamble. now I would have a big nice house, a smart car and completely different interests in life. I can’t stop, I don’t know what to do, several times large sums of money passed through me, more than a million, I had to give up on business and lost. That is why there are so many debts that need to be paid off, but I don’t sleep normally, I don’t talk, I don’t work, and I’m just thinking how to bring the dough to the casino. Help me, advise where, which really helps the center I can turn to. Still wanting to play at the casino? Leave your comments %s...