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What you need to know about the terms of the shares

In order to look better than their competitors, most Russian online bookmakers offer their players various incentives. Some give a welcome freebet for registering without a deposit (money for free bets), some give a bonus for downloading and installing the app, while Betwinner Bonus gives on your first deposit, and some run loyalty programmes.

Some interesting facts:

- The typical range of new customer bonus amounts: 500 - 15,000 roubles.
- According to Legalbet, there are about 20 offers on the Russian legal betting market for most of the year.
- Promotions using promo codes are relatively rare in Russia.
- Bookmakers willingly offer various incentives for their new players: between 65% and 80% of active companies practice promotions for new players.
- Specially for major sporting events, short-term offers are often launched, valid for only 2 - 4 days. Usually it is a promotional campaign leading up to major matches: Champions League and Europa League finals, world championships, major derbies, boxing or MMA fights, etc.

We will tell you more about the most popular bonuses offered by bookmakers and explain how to find out which bookmakers offer bonuses.